A wallfilling created for a Tennisclub Ca'del Moro on Lido of Venice.

Beauty and evolution inspire me. I am driven by image development, innovation and by continuous change. For me artwork is about creating an experience, about making a building interact with its surroundings and interact with its visitors or residents, in a unique way.

Illusion and reality

In the history of Western painting I was especially inspired by the Renaissance painting and the abstract painting of the early twentieth century as well. The Renaissance painting depicts a creative illusion of reality as a window, the modern geometric painting completely abstracts reality with a construction of lines, shapes and colors. Both Michelangelo and Mondriaan are a big inspiration and have been a point of departure in my artistic journey. I wonder what limit is and I play with the idea that the world is an illusion as in a painting or that the painting is the reality.

Digital paintings on walls

The search for new means to experiment with spatial expressions enabled me to leave the paint and brush behind me during my studies and paint with virtual means instead. My virtual works and ‘paintings’ are static (printed) or animated (projected).

I often show unexpected but natural transitions between real and illusionary spaces. Although I also work on a smaller format, I love to work wall-filling or even fill the entire room with my designs, such as several walls, the floor, the ceiling and the furniture and other objects in the room. This creates the most alienating and strongest experience. My ‘paintings’ always show new relationships between illusion and reality.

Commissioned work and cooperations

Besides my free work, I also create art design on personal request and -if desired- in cooperation with my client, fellow designers, manufacturers and/or architects. All of us in a partnership in which we create concepts together that strengthen each other. As designers develop products and architects create constructions, I can make your surface art design. For example for walls, tiles and wood, curtains and blinds, furniture, etc.


Prof. Dr. Johan Sebastiaan Ploem – microscopist and digital artist (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johan_Sebastiaan_Ploem): “Lisette Huizenga, a Dutch digital painter, designed a painting of an entire digital house. She exposed her art at the Biennale in Venice, titled ‘Deconstructing – Reconstructing Mondriaan’. With her art work she showed an interesting vision on the future possibilities of modern digital art (from the publication ‘Transformational digital art’ by J.S. Ploem, ….). After her study ‘digital painting’ at The Academy of Visual Arts in The Hague (2015), Lisette Huizenga became one of the best digital artists of the Netherlands. Her digital signature is quite unique and opens numerous new possibilities in the art of painting.”


”Peter Bommeljé, hotelier and entrepreneur: “Lisette’s work is abstract but with a lot of depth and especially the three-dimensional of her art is distinctive. The depth in her work and the details attract attention every time. I appreciate our fine cooperation, in which Lisette listened carefully to our wishes, studied the situation on site and then handled the implementation in great detail.”


Ankie Schellekens, managing director Venice Planner: “I’m very charmed by Lisette’s ‘wall art’. She has the ability to transform a room with her digital art. You imagine being in a fairytale like landscape somewhere out in the open air with a beautiful sea view or in a paradise garden, whilst in reality you are in a stuffy basement or boring meeting room. I see the possibilities of countless applications in the private sphere (houses) as well as in commercial environments (hotels, sports halls and retail areas) and public spaces (hospitals and schools). In my opinion, the possibilities are endless….”


PZC Zeeland about a project created for Cityhotel Wood, Middelburg: