The world is often dark, however, I do not wish to live in the dark. I rather prefer to look at the bright side of life and put emphasis on the positive. I believe, maybe naively, that everything in life is possible. My aim is to make life light and inspiring, to be a creator and to share that with others.

With my work I want to add value, strengthen the (spatial) experience and bring joy. It is important to me that the image created is in accordance with what my clients want to portray. It must actually be of added value, much more than just a nice picture.

We make art together. The creative process is a journey together with the client in which we explore and inspire each other. I strive to translate the clients’ ideas and wishes into a design that depicts what they envisage. That is my challenge.


For me, my computer and my photo camera are my main mediums. I, like the painters of the past, try to explore the limits of reality through new experiments. That is how for example Mondrian’s work inspires me. His image is one of the foundations on which my experimental work is built.

Working in interaction between reality and illusion has always intrigued me. On the one hand the image and on the other hand reality and how they can communicate with each other or even become one. Can they togethercreate a friendlier and more inspiring experience for individuals? These are the questions that I want to go on exploring with my fellow designers, manufacturers, architects and clients.

My story

At eighteen year I quitted school and together with my then boyfriend we took over a publishing house in distress. By working very hard we were able to make this a success with three weekly papers and related activities in publicity. The business flourished, but I was not happy.

After fourteen years I took a big leap, bade farewell to the publishing house and moved to Florence taking a sabbatical. I wasn’t prepared but this was the beginning of a whole new journey in my life.

I was looking for growth, movement, development, grasping opportunities and decided to return to school. In 2004 I was allowed in to the Royal Academy of Visual Arts in The Hague (Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten – KABK) and graduated in 2009 with the 3D piece of art Caleidoscopia.

This is where my new life as visual artist began and, much to my delight, interest in my work spiralled, even in my beloved Italy. To my surprise I received an invitation from Venice Biennale in 2015. From then on, I live two lives, literally and figurative, as a Dutch independence thinker and that of an Italian life artist. That is who I really am. I enjoy now to bring my experiences from both worlds together.