Digital paintings and wall fillings

Lisette Huizenga is inspired by beauty and evolution. She is driven by image development and innovation, by continuous change. To her it is about creating an experience, about making a building interact with its surroundings and interact with its visitors or residents, in a unique way.

In the history of Western painting she was specially inspired by the gradual evolution from Renaissance painting, in which the painting depicts a creative illusion of reality as a window, to the geometric abstract painting of the early twentieth century, which completely abstracted reality with a construction of lines, shapes and colors. That gigantic jump from Michelangelo to Mondriaan is her point of departure.

The search for new means to experiment with spatial expressions enabled her to leave the paint and a brush behind her during her studies and paint with virtual means. Her works / paintings are static (printed) or animated (projected).


Lisette often shows unexpected but natural transitions between real and illusionary spaces. She prefers to work wall-filling or fill the entire room with her designs, such as several walls, the floor, the ceiling and the furniture and other objects in the room. This creates the most alienating and strongest experience. Her paintings always show new relationships between illusion and reality.

Art as a branding tool

During her many exhibitions in recent years, Lisette has experienced that her work has a positive impact on people, and she started to see her work (also) as a method to help companies and institutions to intensify the experience of their brand and / or products. In the concepts she develops, buildings or environments interact in a unique way with the public.

Your brand will be an experience!

The idea behind branding is that people recognize your product or service and link it directly to your organization. When you take an extra step and make your branding an experience, you maximize this effect. In addition to recognition, it creates a positive tension, an open mind-set, a sense of trust and trust.

Why is this concept worthwhile:

1          It reinforces the identity and reputation of your company
2          It adds value to the brand and assets
3          It increases the trust of customers
4          It increases the loyalty of employees
5          It offers interaction and joy


… your main entrance, your showroom, your waiting room, your hotel room or toilet facilities will be a 3-dimensional experience that is both distinctive and fun!

A new way to present your company

Your company (what you sell or supply) becomes one with the environment, with the architecture and the interior. Your community rooms, your furniture, your fleet are integrated with what you want to radiate or even want to sell. The sky is the limit, the application possibilities infinite, such as:

  • wall-filling experiences
  • image animation
  • object dressing
  • pattern development
  • digital paintings
  • design for your fleet
  • 3d-billboards
  • corporate identity


Lisette regularly works with fellow designers, manufacturers and architects in a business partnership in which they develop concepts and products together. Collaborations in which designers’ products and her designs to coat these products can be joined together. For example, to create together: printed wallpaper and foils, tiles and wood, curtains and blinds, furniture, cars and trucks, packaging materials, etc.

Image animation stop motion

Stop motion animations are a fantastic way to link a vision or product to a customer or organization. By gradually changing one image into another image, you can create effective connections in the brains of your customers and stakeholders. Imagine… your logo to be transformed into a product you sell.

Digital paintings

Lisette has developed several series of digital paintings that are both abstract and romantic. These series also contribute to creating unity and beauty in your organization.


●  Romantic paintings


●  Abstract paintings


‘’With my work I want to add value, strengthen the (spatial) experience and bring joy. It is important to me that the image created is in accordance with what my clients want to portray. It must actually be of added value, much more than just a nice picture.

For me, my computer is my medium. I, like the painters of the past, try to explore the limits of reality through new experiments. That is how for example Mondriaan’s work inspires me. His image is one of the foundations on which my experimental work is built. Working in interaction between reality and illusion has always intrigued me. On the one hand the image and on the other hand reality and how can they communicate with each other or even become one? Can they create a friendlier and more inspiring experience for individuals together? These are the questions that I want to go on exploring with my colleagues and clients … ‘’


A wallfilling created for a Tennisclub Ca'del Moro on Lido of Venice.